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Consumer Bankruptcy

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Rodney offers free and confidential consultations. Your only commitment is a little time and some paperwork. You’ll leave his office with the information and ability to make an informed decision on how to proceed. He will also dispel some of the myths and fears surrounding the bankruptcy process and answer any questions you have.

It’s never too early, or too late, to take the first step toward growing a more stable financial future.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you drowning in debt?

Barely covering minimum payments?

If so, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the solution to your worries. This type of bankruptcy allows you to get a fresh start and prevents most creditors from taking further actions against you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may also wipe out certain debts completely.

A petition is filed in a bankruptcy case under Chapter 7 asking the court to discharge your debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires an individual to give up property not exempt under the law, so the non-exempt property can be sold to pay creditors.

If you want to keep property like a home or a car and are behind on the mortgage or car loan payments, a Chapter 7 case probably will not be the right choice. Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not eliminate the right of mortgage holders or car loan creditors to take your property to cover your debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Do you have so many creditors that you’re unable to tell which is which?

Are you struggling to keep all of them paid on time?

Chapter 13 may be the solution to your problems.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to make repaying your debts easier with the use of a trustee. This option is available to those who have a regular income yet struggle to pay debts each month.

In a Chapter 13 case, a “plan” is filed outlining how you will pay your past-due and current debts off over a period of three to five years. The most important point about a Chapter 13 case is that it may allow you to keep valuable property—especially your home and car—which might otherwise be lost if you can make the payments that the bankruptcy law requires to be made to your creditors.

In most cases, these payments will be at least as much as your regular monthly payments on your mortgage or car loan, with some extra payment to get caught up on the amount you have fallen behind.

Emotional Support

Meet Bentley, our emotional support dog and office mascot.


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